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Welcome on the website of Fanfakids

The Fanfakids is a group of young musicians from youth-centre Centrum West in Molenbeek, Brussels, led by Bart Nagels. Musically, they’re accompanied by percussionists Jo Zanders Louis Favre and Nicolas Chkifi from vzw Met-X

The Fanfakids are founded as a result of the first Zinnekeparade in 2000 and they play a mix of South-American, African and urban rythms on their homemade drums and imported tambourines, bells, nfars, checkeres etc...

They perform on stages of small and large festivals and cultural centres, during streetfestivals... especialy in Brussels and Flanders but they also begin to develop an international reputation. After their one week mini-tour through Flanders, with the boat ‘de Eliane’ of vzw Kanart in 2005, they went to Ghana and Morocco in 2006 as part of an exchange project. They also started to work with Ultima Vez for the youth-project Bêt Noir. In the summer of 2007 they performed for a whole month with the Twerammpon Traditionals, their Ghanian friends, on festivals in Belgium and Holland.

In 2008 they went back to Western Africa, where they did a tour with the Twerammpon Traditionals in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

In 2009 they colaborated with some acrobats from Guinée,'La Troupe Artistique ' Gandal Naamoudjimen ' , from de Circuspluimen van Centrum West and from Zonder Handen from Brussels. All those kids, from different cultural and social backgrounds, worked together during one month in the summer of 2009. Their shows had lots of succes with the public.

In 2010 they went to Italy and worked on a common performance with Italian youngsters.

In 2011 teenagers and volunteers fromFanfakids, Centrum West en Zonder Handen went for a whole month to Eguafo in Ghana, where they offered workshops to the kids of Sankofa Mbofra Fie. They got along with the local youth to learn more about the way of life in a small West-African village.In colaboration with Filem'on they produced a docu-film, which has been shown on het Brussels Kinderfilmfestival from 2011. They also participated on a video-exchange-project from Tara-Arts .

In 2012 6 Twerammpon Traditionals came to Belgium to get to know more about youthwork in Flanders and Brussels and do some more performances with Fanfakids.

In 2013 the de oldest Fanfakids started a new musical project, known as Zica-N, in colaboration with ZOFT. In 2013 and 2014 they started a new exchangeproject with teenagers from Italy and France jongeren, whilst some of the younger kids got involved in new projects of Ultima Vez. The new generation Fanfakids are dreaming now to play and perform together with some kids in London, which is our new challenge for 2015.

All those kids with different cultural backgrounds work together and enjoy themselves a lot, and hopefully you can see them one day in action during a performance or a workshop. Keep an eye on our calendar.

On this site you can watch videos and photos of their performances and projects.

You can also consult the agenda to know when and where they perform.