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The Fanfakids are a group of young musicians from the Centrum West-D'Broej youth center in Molenbeek.

Fanfakids - Centrum West - 24, rue de Menin, 1080 Molenbeek


Fanfakids is a mix of young children and teenagers of youth center Centrum West-D'Broej from Molenbeek. They originate from the first Zinneke Parade in 2000 and didn't miss any other of this biennale. They rehearse twice a week. A professional percussionist of Met-x teaches them rhythms with origins in  Africa, South-America or Europe on large and small drums and bells. They also make their own rhythms that originate during their jamsessions and teach smaller kids from the youth center or their schools to play the drums. 

During all this years they performed on many parties, small and big festivals in Belgium, but also abroad. They have been spotted already in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Ghana, Togo and Benin. 

Every year they have their week of internships with daily workshops, and if possible, they travel a bit further to meet other kids and other cultures and make a common project with other young drummers, dancers, theatre or circus performancers.  

Fanfakids has 20 years in 2020! 

They celebrate it with concerts in Belgium and abroad, international exchange-projects with other groupes of youngsters, 20 years of 'Brusselitude' in the Zinneke-Paraden  new costumes and many other surprises! 

Also with this website new style.

COVID-19 puts everything ON HOLD for now. 


Do you want to play with the Fanfakids?

Rehearsals take place in IBO Vierwinden, Vierwindenstraat 58, 1080 Molenbeek:

  • Monday evening from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, with Manu Paulo Cristo and Bart Nagels.
  • Tuesday evening from 4.30 p.m. till 7.45 pm with Bart Nagels

The teenagers rehearse also in Met-X 

  • On Wednesday from 3pm to 6 pm with Bart Nagels, Jalel Vangoethem, Veronica Campos and others.

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2020 Agenda Fanfakids


Agenda Fanfakids

Info and reservations :  MetX Moving Music  - 20,  rue de Lenglentier,  1000 Brussels

Joyeuse Sortie Zinneke 2020 Brussel23-10-2020
Woeferdingen Goeverdingen25-10-2020Canceled by COVID-19.2
Big Bang ... lire la suite Brussel Bozar08-11-2020Canceled by COVID-19
Arts Day for Children Brussel15-11-2020

Agenda Fanfakids


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