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The Fanfakids are a group of young musicians from the Centrum West-D'Broej youth center in Molenbeek.

Fanfakids - Centrum West - 24, rue de Menin, 1080 Molenbeek


The Fanfakids love to travel and discover other children and cultures, both within and outside Europe. Working together with children who have a similar interest is a great way to get to know each other and to learn from each other. In the past they have already collaborated with children from Belgium, Ghana, Italy, Guinea, France and Benin. They have also been to Switzerland, Morocco and Togo. Every year they also do an internship in Destelheide, Dworp.

We are constantly looking for financial resources for all these projects. Every bit helps to let a child go on an internship or to participate in an international project. But you can also make us happy with new material, such as drums, small percussion instruments, sticks and sheets or new costumes...





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logo fanfakids.be
Fanfakids - 24, rue de Menin - 1080 Molenbeek / Tel. ...