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In 2006, the Fanfakids started an exchange project with the Twerammpon Traditionals from Ghana. It’s a long-lasting project, where both groups can learn a lot of each other. You may have seen the result of that coöperation already on one of their combined performances, on TV or perhaps on this website.We try to add new photos and videos regularly.

In the past and also this year, we’ve been able to count on several governments and some private sponsors to grant us funds.

The profit we may make as a result of our performances are kept aside to sponsor this project but in future we most definately are going to have to count on other sponsors if we want to continue and even enlarge this project.

Every little bit helps, you’re always welcome to help us financially on account 068-2067077-34 of Centrum West. Don’t forget to mention ‘Fanfakids’. Thanks in advance.

In Belgium you can get a tax certificate for gifts from 30 euro’s a year or more. Therefore you transfer your gift on following account-number: 000-0906242-68 from FCJMP 1000 Brussels : you mention: "CENTRUMWEST/FANFAKIDS". Your name and address should be mentioned too.

Here you can find a thorough description of this project.

Do you know a company that is willing to sponsor us,once only or on a regular base, then please, do not hesitate to contact us: bart602003@yahoo.com .

We’ll mention our sponsors on this page if you please. If you wish to stay anonymous, we’ll respect that.

You can also help us out in different ways. For example, we would really want to translate this site in French. We also need volunteers during the stay of Twerammpon Traditionals in Belgium, as a hostfamily, to drive a car, to cook, to organise or offer an activity,... all ideas are welcome.

For our coöperation with the Twerammpon Traditionals from Ghana we could count on the support of:

in 2006:


in 2007:


in 2008:


in 2009:


in 2010:

in 2011:


in 2012:

in 2013:

KBS fonds InBev- Baillet Latour

in 2014:

in 2015:

KBS fonds InBev- Baillet Latour

in 2016:

KBS fonds Baillet Latour

in 2017:

KBS fonds Baillet Latour