Twerammpon Traditionals

Twerammpon Traditionals is a drumming and dancing group based in Cape Coast, Ghana. The organization was created by the Artistic Director Odomankoma-Kyerema Kwamena Pra in 1982 when he saw that African culture and music were being lost in modern day society.

The group's main focus is to teach traditional music and dance to disadvantaged local youth after school hours. The program enriches these at-risk youth's lives by filling their time with cultural education and minimizing the time they spend on the streets. The troupe has performed internationally in Africa, Denmark, Belgium and the United States.

Twerammpon welcomes international students interested in learning traditional Ghanian music while volunteering with the local youth involved in the program. A story of one our students you can read here.

Students can learn from different disciplines as there are: Music, Drama, Poetry, Dance-Drama, Story-telling, Drumming and dancing of various types of dances across Africa, Ghanaian language.

Courses handle all levels from no level to high level.

We are working on our own accomodation, some rooms are ready to host our students.

Our new WEBSITE:

Contactperson: Odomankoma-Kyerema Kwamena Pra

POBOX 949 Cape Coast, Ghana, West-Africa